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How We've Helped Others !

Liz R

My time at the 11th StepHouse has been wonderful. Before I came here, I didn't know how to love myself. I also didn't know many things...

Emily F

I went back to
college and am now a Registered Nurse. I have traveled to over twenty countries. I found
that I am passionate about...

Sarah H

I know that I have a family at the 11th Step with Linda, Mercedes, and the wonderful group of girls. The lonely, apathetic feeling I had every day when I was drinking doesn't live inside of me anymore.

Kelly B

They truly cared for me the way that you would be cared for by a family member. That kind of love is hard to come by... I learned not just to stay sober, but also to actually live sober...

This is where our garden grows in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina

More Women That We've Helped...

Brandi W

You showed me that true meaning of unconditional love as you taught me how to love myself. I was given a safe place to practice all of the new values and principles I was being taught.

Chasty W

I will always hold the 11 th Step House and everyone in it very close to my heart. I never thought it would actually be hard to leave here.

Sharon C

Today I am a grateful, thankful, humble woman...I am now clean and sober for over 9 years, a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, and a successful business owner...

Diana S

You had confidence in me and have helped me build my own confidence. You were there when I needed to talk and for that I thank you.

Recovery Rocks The Mountains of Asheville, NC!


More Testimonies From Our Ladies and Their Families

Cindy M Testimony

December 2016

To whom it may concern:

In September 2015, my husband and I walked through the doors of the 11th Step House in Asheville, North Carolina as nervous parents looking for a sober living home for our 24 year old daughter. My daughter was finishing up a 90 day treatment program in Sevierville, TN (the best ever) and they were recommending she go to a sober living facility as her next step, so we (myself, husband, daughter) went out searching for options. (Just for the record, this was not our first rodeo) We are from out of state and had no knowledge of Asheville.

After visiting other homes, we visited 11th Step House. We all felt something when we walked through the door. All three of us agreed that it was the place, which was probably the first time we had agreed in 6 years.

The 11th Step House became home to our daughter in October 2015. Linda and Mercedes wrapped their arms around our daughter and provided her with the love, discipline and guidance she needed to get through the difficult journey. She was 650 miles away from home in a strange town, fresh out of rehab. I feel sure she wasn’t a happy camper in the beginning. The women of this house become family. They are taught how to live in the real world as individuals. They are loved and love each other beyond words. They also learn to be there for each other and they do that so well.

In May, our daughter decided to go back to school and enrolled for the summer semester, then enrolled full-time in the fall. She has just registered for spring 2017. She has her confidence back and is soaring. She has a plan and is determined to make it happened. She works her program. She has been clean and sober for 17 months.

In October 2016, she celebrated one year of living at the 11th Step House and moved to her own place. She didn’t run away from it, she had a plan and moved out like an adult, with the support and encouragement of Linda and Mercedes. She returns to the house regularly for ‘family’ night, dinner, movie watch party, or just to see those who have become her family. They’ve also become our family.
We are forever grateful to Linda and Mercedes for being there for our family and believing in so many wonderful women that have walked through their doors. I’m also thankful to them for standing up for our daughters when those in the corporate facilities put finances in front of recovery.

Happy Holidays,

Cindy M

Alexa S Testimony

January 11, 2013

After years of allowing alcohol to ruin my health, family, friendships, education and future, July 11, 2012 I realized that I had hit my rock-bottom and that my life was going absolutely nowhere if I didn’t change something fast. I detoxed the day that I had this realization, as I knew my mind would change from it quick with my impulsive, alcoholic personality, in a hospital near my home in West Virginia. I was then guided to The Life Center of Galax to continue treatment of my newly-discovered disease, alcoholism. While in Galax I took in every bit of information given to me by the techs and counselors that I possibly could, knowing that I needed it to stay sober and alive. I was blessed with Opal as a counselor, who helped me immensely to continue moving forward with my life and finding a sober living home, as my time in Galax was growing shorter.

After calling many homes and talking to many different house managers, Opal, my mother and I found the house and house managers that best-fit me. The Eleventh Step House in Asheville, North Carolina was our final choice. Only talking to Linda and Mercy on the phone, I knew it was the right place for me by the way they talked of their beautiful home, the success they had with other girls in the house and their heartening, upbeat personalities. I came to the house the day that I left Galax and was welcomed the second I knocked on the door to the gorgeous home with hugs and the exact joyful personalities I heard on the phone. I felt at home right away.

While being here I have learned more than I thought was possible about myself and living sober. I have learned how to have normal, sober friendships with girls in the house, which are some of the strongest bonds I have ever had. We learn to care for and respect each other like we are a family. I learn more about responsibility every day with simple things such as picking up after myself and doing chores to more important things like making doctor appointments and having a full-time job. Attending meetings regularly has turned into a sort of medicine for me, they help me remember every day what got me here and to continue moving forward; my life is only getting better.

Over the past month I have been working on finding an apartment of my own, without help from my family, which is a huge step for me. All of the work I have done has finally paid off and I am able to afford and move in to a very nice apartment at the end of this week. I could not have possibly ever got to this point in my life without the help from The Eleventh Step House. Linda and Mercy have saved my life and I will always consider them family, they taught me how to live and most importantly, how to live happy and sober. I am excited to finally start a real and normal life without alcohol ever being part of it again.

Alexa Sanders

Jody S Testimony

October 30th, 2004

Coming to sober living was a real life changing experience for me. I needed to change me and my life to grow up, and that is what The Eleventh Step House helped me do.

When I came here on April 10th, 2004 I was scared, beat down in every way. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin, couldn’t talk to people trust or be around others.

I had a sponsor when I came also. I didn’t use my sponsor, after a couple of months at the house, Linda let me know in her soft but stern way I better start using my sponsor or I’m going to fail again.

I’m a chronic relapser. God had me hear her loud and clear. Thank you God! I took her direction. I started listening to Linda and Mercedes and doing the thing Jodi didn’t want to do. My life started changing unbelievably. I found out I have an incredible sponsor who I love dearly and she has saved my ass many of times. I learned how to be a roommate and a friend. One of the biggest things I learned is that I could live away from my family. I got through it because I have God in my life and the women in the house. I could always go to Linda and Mercedes at any time to talk. This also taught me how to care about others and to be there for someone else. They are teaching me how to talk to the person ‘I am having conflict with so I don’t hold it, so when I am out in the real world I can be assertive.

Well, Linda and Mercedes you have helped my become the person I wanted to be for so long. I am the woman who is comfortable in her own skin walking down the street. I am the manager of classis cake Co. and still learning. I am back to being the auntie I once was and even better. I finally have my own apartment and I am building a life for Jodi not for everyone else!

Thank you for helping me pick-up he tools and use them.

I love you both so much.

Jody Stock

Andrea's Mother Testimony

September 2, 2008

My Dearest Andrea,

It is with a happy heart that I write this letter to you. I congratulate you on your accomplishments at the 11th Step House. Through the goals you have set for yourself and the love and support you have received from Linda and Mercedes, you have become a responsible and beautiful young woman. I am deeply proud of you.

One year ago this month, you, Daddy and I decided that a move to North Carolina was essential in your achieving these goals. I know first hand how frightened you were and I was just as scared as we drove away that day and left you at the 11th Step House. I had such "guilt feelings" that I could not "fix" the situation. I was always your best "enabler" and totally co-dependant upon you. It is only now, after a year, that I am finally learning the "art of letting go".

God has performed a miracle in your life, Andrea. You are now clean and sober. You have made many friends and Linda and Mercedes have given you so much knowledge and insight not only with your addiction, but in so many other ways. They have comforted Daddy and I and I know they have your best interests at heart. It is always nice to have someone looking out for you. They have helped you along the way. I thank God they came into all our lives. Both of these precious ladies are the "role models" you have been searching for in your life.

Andrea, my darling daughter, you have done the work. You have chosen sobriety. You have truly come to know your "higher power", and you have prayed and had your prayers answered by God, and His angels have kept you safe. You took many dangerous risks when you were using, you have lost a good friend to drugs, and you almost lost yourself. You are a totally different person now. You have become an inspiration to others and I believe one day you will inspire many and devote your life, in some way, to Recovery.

So my dear, I applaud you! In fact, I am giving you a "standing ovation". Because of your bravery and determination to fight the demon of addiction, you have made success unavoidable!

I am proud to be your mother.

In closing I just want you to be happy, joyous and most of all FREE!

With all my love and admiration,


The painting was done by Malissa Shuemate when she was trying to remember what the last day of using drugs felt like the next morning!

The 11th Step House Director

Linda Steward

Linda Steward, Director has been participating in the sober living arena with a high success rate since 1986. She is a charter Member of the Orange County, Sober Living Coalition. She holds her CSAC 1 certificate in drug and alcohol counseling. Linda’s greatest desire is to see women come through the house and be successful in living sober.

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